This web site describes the Common Quality Enumeration (CQE™), which aspires to be the lingua-franca of describing quality in software, firmware, and hardware. CQE is aimed at creating a CWE-like industry standard to establish software quality measures and tools to foster an ecosystem of software quality to prevent quality issues from disrupting software capabilities, whether they are vulnerabilities, performance issues, or other types of quality concerns. In combination with 10 industry partners, CQE is working to create a standard schema for tools for dynamic and static analysis of quality. CQE addresses the industry and sponsor concern to be able to address the quality issues that can significantly drive up testing and in-field failures of their applications. Today static analysis tools refer to them by a different name and CQE, by creating a common vocabulary for tools to use, allows their output to be easily correlated and will enable projects to choose tools based on which ones look for the most important quality issues (presented as a list of Top-N CQEs).

Page Last Updated or Reviewed: November 08, 2017